We can provide these services in-house or call in artists when necessary. Using Keefer Media offers you a consistent point of contact and accountability.

Graphic Arts

Think page layout, digital illustration and photo manipulation.   This is the realm of the graphic artist.

We have a vast pool of artists ready to do their magic.  Our responsibility is to organize the project and provide a line of communication between the client and artist.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  With photographic images a graphic artist can portray your product or service in the most effective way.

We have many still photographers and videographers available.  Photos & videos allow complex ideas to be communicated clearly.

Fine Art

Sometimes you need a creation that can only be accomplished by the hand of a fine artist. Our artists work with classic mediums to create truly unique logos and other art elements.

You can get some impressive and truly unique results  when you employ a human hand.